Learn a new language in just 10 minutes a day
UX/UI Design, Visual/Brand Design
Nov-Dec 2016
Make learning fun and accessible for everyone
We led the product strategy and design for Lexicon’s core language learning product.

Help people learn a new language in a fun, thoughtful and engaging way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


It’s hard to stay motivated when learning a new language online.

Post-course language retention typically drops off after completion.

Learning a new language typically costs thousands of dollars.


Learning new things does not have to be a burden or boring. We thought long and hard about the best ways to make language learning fun and enjoyable. The end result is lessons on the go, choreographed testing to enhance retention and recall, and daily reminders.                              


Onboarding: new users first journey through the Lexicon app.

Lessons: bite-sized, focused lessons structured to maximize recall.

Practice: test comprehension with interactive quizzes.                                        

You got a friend in Lexicon

Meet your new language learning buddy. Part speech bubble, part helpful tutor, Lexicon’s brand identity is deeply connected to meaningful teaching experiences.

Vibrant colors with local flavor

A color palette that captures the local culture of the language.

Simple onboarding

Lexicon’s onboarding experience focuses on getting new users to start the first lesson ASAP. Instead of creating an account first, new users simply select what language to learn and commit to a small goal. Then they’re ready for their first lesson. This reduces any signup friction and gives new users time to get acquainted with Lexicon. Win-win.

Learn: lesson plans for the real world

The lesson plans were designed with two fundamental principles: (1) most people only have 10-20 minutes to dedicate each day to learning a new language, and (2) they typically do so on their commutes. The end result was a robust framework for lesson plans focusing on small, digestible chunks of new material and providing an “offline mode” for every lesson and/or chapter. We also introduced gamification into each lesson to promote engagement and promote vocabulary retention.

Practice: Vocab

Practicing new and old vocabulary words is fundamental to learning a language. In the “Practice” view, users can see all the vocab words they’ve encountered in their lessons, see which ones they liked and play audio clips. They can also see their current mastery level of each word indicated by the progress bar in each photo.

Practice: Test, Fav & Audio

Practice makes perfect. The practice portal provides users with 3 different test options. They can test words marked “favorite”, or do a full in-depth review and test all words.

Practice: Audio

To help reinforce verbal comprehension Lexicon gives users a robust audio option to practice words, phrases and small dialogs on the go.

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