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Apr-May 2017
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We redesigned LionBird Ventures’ website from the ground up.

Showcase LionBird’s value to founding teams and fellow investors with transparent data on the LionBird investment process and their unique value-added expertise in technology.                                                                                                                                                                                         


LionBird’s old site was out-dated and lacked a strong online brand identity.

As an industry, VC investment process is a blackbox.

Founder-focused resources to help navigate VC financing are rare.


A big re-design can mean a lot of different things for a business. For LionBird, it represented a new milestone in their firm - raising a fund II. Our big goal with the re-design was to showcase LionBird’s continued focus on a founder-first, transparent firm.                                        


Homepage: mapping out key value propositions

Process: a data-driven, interactive breakdown of the investment process

Themes: an exploration of key investment areas                                                                          

A bold style for daring ideas

Challenging the status quo by reimagine traditional offline industries is a brave and challenging venture.  LionBird provides the strength and reliability needed to grow these daring ideas into reality. That is why we chose a deep blue with light green accents to represent Lionbird’s dedicated investment style.

The new LionBird

The new homepage features the core LionBird value propositions and provides an “at-a-glance” structure to get new users to the content they want to see first.

Solving big, real-world problems

LionBird’s investment themes focus on traditional industries in healthcare, business services and emerging technologies poised to disrupt the status quo. We focused on using illustrations and market data to showcase each theme’s potential impact on the industry.

An in-depth look at the LionBird family

The companies page features a grid-based layout with a profile view of each portfolio company. If a company participated in any liquidity event (i.e., IPO, acquired, etc), a green flag indicates the status providing people with a quick overview of the fund’s performance to date.

Founder-focused resources and news

LionBird has the operational know-how to provide founders with key insights into growing and scaling companies. Instead of categorizing all resources, we opted to design a permanent featured resources section - giving direct access to LionBird’s best content.

Transparent investment process

It can be difficult as a founding team to know where you stand with a VC. Not with LionBird. The investment process page provides a detailed breakdown of each step including real-data from their investment pipeline. A first for the VC industry. The process experience uses parallax to take users through the process in a fun and engaging way.

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