Real Results

We’ve had the privilege to work with great founding and management teams to bring new products to market and expand product verticals across different industries. Here’s what we’ve been able to accomplish together.

The showcase

Quest Institute

We partnered with NASA and Quest Institute to launch SpaceKit, a STEM-based app that allows students to build and launch experiments on the International Space Station (ISS).
New product launch
Initial traction
To date SpaceKit has been used in over 50 school districts by 1,000+ students.
Shoutout to:
Stephen Huber, Director of R&D


We were TriNet's product design team from initial concept through their launch of TriNet Main Street, a new product vertical in their HR suite.
New product launch
Market Expansion
President & CEO noted TriNet Main Street launch as one of the main drivers of long-term growth for the public company.
Shoutout to:
Karishma Anand, Director of Platform Innovation


We helped Goin' completely redesign & re-package their flagship para-transit platform from the ground up.
New product launch
Funding secured
The v2 platform was so good it received the FDA Mobility-on-Demand grant ($1,000,000) and earned a finalist spot at the 2018 SXSW Innovation program in the Transportation category.
Shoutout to:
Justin Bergener, CEO & Founder


CoinFi v1 launch misread market and problems they set out to solve. We partnered with CoinFi to right the ship and redefine their core product offering.
Product optimization
Initial traction
The v2 platform resulted in growing CoinFi from a few thousand monthly users to over 75,000+ Monthly users and a 2x bump in revenue from their premium Signals service.
Shoutout to:
Han Chang, CTO & Co-founder


TruMethods is a leading SaaS solution for the managed services industry. We worked with the TruMethods team to increase usage and engagement across their core product suite.
Revenue expansion
Using a blend of product design, customer success and obsessively-fine tuning the core offering to its most critical use-cases, we were able to generate outsized returns in the millions in the 2018 calendar year.
Shoutout to:
Bob Penland, CTO


We asked our clients what it was like partnering with Quanti. Here’s what they had to say.
Quanti was by far the most effective and professional studio we’ve worked with. They were laser-focused on delivering business value through thoughtful, gorgeous designs and consistently exceeded our expectations. I can’t recommend Quanti highly enough.
Han Chang, Co-founder of CoinFi
The Quanti team was great. They helped us progress from a rough idea for a problem to a polished v1 product which we’re very happy with. They also were happy to stick around to take questions and help with design-to-dev handover to our in-house development team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
Rolo Mawlabaux, Founder of Wildfish
It was a pleasure working with Quanti. Their masterful command of design thinking and UX/UI sensibilities really helped drive the platform design and vision. They were a fantastic asset to our team and I’d highly recommend them to lead your go-to-market & product strategy.
Chris Marks, Founder of Adhance
Quanti masterfully put together our new look and feel, translated our wishes into design and really helped move our product forward.
Bob Penland, CTO of TruMethods
Having worked with dozen of product and design professionals, I can say with confidence that the Quanti team is grade-A professional. Striking a perfect balance between receiving and providing direction, Quanti was a true partner in our project and was a pleasure to work with.
Yuval Ariva, Partner of LionBird VC
Working with Quanti was the finest example of how professional contract work should happen. They are prompt, professional, detailed, capable and courteous. Jake & Molly have a great sense of humor and worked hard for our team with great passion for our product and business. We're delighted with the outcome of our design and UX improvement work. I felt like we had a new member of the team while we worked together and would happily work with him again. Thanks Quanti team!
Bradley Taylor, Founder of Bridge app
Honestly the best experience I have had working with another studio. The Quanti team really gave our project life. I can tell they knew what they were doing right from the start. From what they delivered to how they delivered it, Quanti went above and beyond all expectations. I highly recommend you work with them as well. You will not regret it.
Login Murphy, Founder of Lexicon

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