How we think

Our core beliefs on building v1 products, go-to-market strategy & working with awesome teams.

Our core beliefs

Start with the customer and work backwards
We didn't invent this mantra, Amazon did back in 2006. We adopted this mindset and it's a fundamental part of how we think about bringing new products to market. We start with the customer and work backwards until we've found a real set of customer needs/problems and have a clear path to providing a delightful experience to solve them.
Build less & obsessively focus on the most crucial features
Products don’t win in the market for having the most features. They win in the market by providing the most value. Obsessively focus on the most crucial use-case and cut everything else. It’s better to have half a product that solves a real market need than a half-assed product that is clunky, over-built and full of useless features. When the time comes you’ll have a strong foundation to add features and enable your customers to do more with your app.
Position, position, position
In real estate it's about location. In B2B, it's all about position. Lack of market is the number one reason new startups fail. We understand the superpowers of the right positioning & messaging in the right market. It’s one of the milestones in our Validation Labs service and a core tenant of our Product Success service. We believe de-risking market assumptions and nailing position in market is the key to unlocking a clear path to product-market fit.
Embrace learning and experimentation
Just like we focus on building less, we also focus on starting small, experimenting and iterating early and often. This gives us the flexibility to continue refining and improving promising concepts or changing direction on ones that may lead to dead-ends.
Just enough process, but not an inch more
We hate unnecessary meetings, documentation and generally anything that gets in the way of doing great work. We don’t run convoluted processes to look busy or provide you with a 100-pages of documentation you’ll never read. We provide just enough process and documentation you need and will actually use.
Enterprise apps that are simple, playful and easy to use will win the market
The consumerization of SMB & Enterprise SaaS is real. The market-leading B2B SaaS products of tomorrow will leverage this insight and create enjoyable apps that people use love using at work. These simple and playful apps will replace legacy apps that assumed work products don’t need to be enjoyable or simple to use.
Focus on value creation, not value extraction
We don't "growth hack". One of our key principles is "focus on value creation, not value extraction" and everything we build is centered around this. We don't use customers as test subjects and try out a million things. We build experiences we believe in and use data to check if we were right and learn from mistakes.

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