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Jan-May 2017
Making life simple and easy for modern teams
We completely overhauled TriNet’s suite of HR web apps

Help busy teams make the most complicated HR tasks simple and personal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


HR is riddled with complicated legal and compliance regulation.

Busy teams don’t have time or resources to uncover all their HR needs.

TriNet’s web app was disjointed, clunky and outdated for modern teams.


HR teams come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes companies have a dedicated HR team, other times a single person is responsible for everything. We took great care to find the perfect balance for teams with a diverse set of needs.                                                                                           


Terminations: dedicated portal to submit termination requests.

COBRA enrollment: provide easy and quick process for selecting benefits package.

Bulk Hire: onboarding tool to get larger teams up and running on TriNet faster.                                          

HR, meet good design

Paperwork gets a bad rep. It’s tedious and boring. Anytime someone tells you they have “paperwork for you to fill out” you get a little sad inside. We wanted to change that feeling. Filing paperwork may be a necessary evil in the workplace but that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly and dull. The new TriNet uses bold colors--midnight blues and orange gradients--to breath life back into the the HR process. No more sad feelings (we hope).

Seamless onboarding for big teams

Before our re-design, the TriNet team manually processed and uploaded large team’s employee information. It was cumbersome, time-consuming and prone to human error. This sometimes led to new teams experiencing frustration during the onboarding process and leaving the platform. It was a big deal.

We reviewed these pain points and designed a completely new experience for onboarding large teams. We call it “Bulk Hire.” It makes the onboarding process seamless and fast for large teams.

Benefits without the hassles

Choosing a benefits package should be simple, easy to understand and transparent. We took these principles and reimagined the COBRA benefits enrollment portal. A key focus was making it easy for users to see all their options and get “at a glance” information fast.

When you have 15+ benefits packages to choose from you don’t want to read the fine print on each one - you want to be able to narrow it down and then review 2-3 options in-depth. The new COBRA benefits portal embraces this experience and makes picking the right benefits package dead simple.

A better way to let go

The new Terminations product removes the complexity of terminating employees. There were 100s of business logic rules to consider for each state and federal regulation and compliance requirement. Instead of overburdening the interface with lots of logic, we designed a “just-in-time” tooltip system to coach each HR admin through complicated terminations as needed. This kept the core Terminations user flow clean and easy to work with, while providing helpful tips and reminders for HR admins that need more direction.

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